Lodzkie GO China. Sichuan Food Festival in Lodz

Dumplings and pasta dandan, a Sichuan opera, traditional Chinese handicrafts and ... panda. These are the symbols of the Sichuan Food Festival attended by delegates from China and representatives of the Lodz local government, business, culture and science

Dumplings and pasta dandan, a Sichuan opera, traditional Chinese handicrafts and ... panda. These are the symbols of the Sichuan Food Festival, attended by delegates from China, vice-governor Yang Xingping and representatives of the Lodzkie local government, business, culture and science.

Lodz hosted a nine-member delegation of the Chinese Sichuan Province headed by vice-governor Yang Xingping. Guests visited, among others Spedcont terminal. In the restaurant, Przerwa, they watched a photo exhibition showing the stunning landscape of the Sichuan Province, they admired the performances of Chinese artists and handicrafts, they also tried spicy Sychuanese specialties prepared by Chinese chefs.

Sichuan Tour and exchange of students

The talks concerned joint projects related to transport and culture; tour of the Lodz Philharmonic Orchestra around Sichuan, the possibility of organizing a Chinese exhibition at the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology in Lodz, Chinese lessons in schools, exchange of students between the Lodz University of Technology and Chengdu University of Technology.

- Lodzkie Region and the Sichuan Province have for five years been combining increasingly stronger ties of mutual respect and understanding built on the foundation of key issues for both sides: culture, transport and education - said Witold Stępień, marshal of the Lodzkie Region.

The first freight trains between Chengdu and Lodz started in 2013. Two years later, the wagons started running regularly on the other sides. The railway connection is called the New Silk Road. We export mainly agricultural and food products to China.

- One thousand trains between Lodz and Chengdu in 2017 is one of the symbols of the growing number of economic ties between our regions. Currently, more goods are exported from China, but we hope that in a short time the number of Polish products arriving in Chengdu from Lodz will increase - said Yang Xingping, vice-governor of the Sichuan Province.

City of tomorrow

The Sichuan Province is one of the most developed and open centers of the high tech industry in China, and Chengdu is one of the most important economic centers.

The recognizable sign of the region is the giant panda, called one of the nicest animals in the world. In the wild it occurs only in China inhabiting bamboo forests. Several reserves were created to save her.

The Lodzkie Region is the only Polish region that has its office in Chengdu and the only one that is promoted in Chinese social media on the WeChat internet messenger and Weibo website.